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We are Wastedge, digital ways to a cleaner world

Cleaner world

We are Wastedge

Driving practical circular economy innovations for a sustainable planet.

We are Wastedge

Digital ways to a cleaner world - an AMCS Company

AMCS is headquartered in Ireland and has offices located across Europe, USA and Australasia with approximately 550+ employees and 2750+ customers. At AMCS, innovation, dedication and loyalty are core values. With an average of 10+ years industry-specific experience, every member of our team has considerable knowledge and understanding of the waste & recycling industry. That is why we are all passionate about

Software for the Waste and Recycling Industry

We are AMCS. Creators of the Wastedge platform: a cloud-based software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe. Our platform is inspired by global market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardisation and optimisation of all your business processes.

Scalable platform

A platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally. With this platform we have created an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry specific software with best-in-class optimisation capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies. We empower our customers with an intelligent platform, whilst supporting the ongoing transformation of the industry to a circular economy.

Success for life

At AMCS/Wastedge we are driven by the results we deliver and are passionately committed to our Customer’s success ‘for life’. We consider ourselves ‘digital warriors’, driving practical circular economy innovations for a sustainable planet.

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