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AMCS Acquisition History

AMCS Acquisitions

Historic Timeline

AMCS CEO, Jimmy Martin: “The waste and recycling industry is going through a massive transition. Organisations in residential, commercial, industrial waste collection and recycling, are re-positioning themselves in the growing, more circular economy. These organizations also have an increasing appetite to digitalise their business and automate business processes. It requires software companies like AMCS, with a certain scale, to be able to make the investments needed to support this transformation on a global scale.

Below you have an overview of the acquisition history of the AMCS Company. In the past eight years we acquired Solution Works, Wånelid Weighbridge solution, PC Scale Tower (ERP and scale Solutions), Transvision (Route and Fleet planner software), P&L (ERP IWS), GMT (ERP CLEAR, AfvalRIS and Mobile Order management), Wastedge (ERP Cloud), Sendrr (Portals and Digital solutions), Brady (Recycling Software), Desert Micro (ERP Route Manager, Route Warrior and Wastebooks), Recy Systems AG, PieterBas Automatisering and TRUX Route Management Systems.

Solution Works - United Kingdom - 2011

Solution Works had an impressive track record and experience in software development and deployment. The core technology of TSW – the Elemos and Wims software, was the leading solution for the Irish and UK vertical market.

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Wånelid - Sweden - 2012

In Sweden, Wånelid provided weighing solutions and services to the environmental and clean-energy industries. Wånelid’s technologies, added to AMCS's unique software and vehicle technologies, set us apart in the rapidly growing environmental market.

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PC Scale Tower - USA 2014

AMCS Group has acquired PC Scale Technologies (PCST) in 2014, an acquisition in the U.S.A. that made AMCS the global leader in providing software and technology solutions to the recycling and waste industry.

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Transvision - Denmark 2014

AMCS has acquired Transvision, a Danish route optimization technology firm. This acquisition both complements and augments AMCS' existing software platform and it provides us with best-in-class capabilities in the areas of route optimization, materials management, and time slotting.

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P&L - United Kingdom - 2014

UK waste management software provider P&L Software System, has been bought by AMCS in 2104. P&L was established in 1987 and has the largest installed software base of UK waste and recycling operators. It is unique in being the only software house in the UK to specialize exclusively in waste management software.

GMT - The Netherlands - 2016

AMCS has acquired Amsterdam based industry specialist GMT Europe.  Both AMCS and GMT provide software and technology, like CLEAR, AfvalRis and Mobile Order Management, that increases the efficiency and productivity of waste recovery, recycling and reuse. GMT is an established software supplier with over 30 years’ experience and operations in Central and Southern Europe, and also Australasia.

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Wastedge - Australia - 2016

AMCS has agreed to acquire Australian Software Professionals (ASP), the company behind the Wastedge cloud-based waste software services business.

The ASP acquisition gives AMCS a highly-skilled Australia-based team and more than 25 years’ experience in waste technology consulting, implementation and support.

Sendrr - Ireland 2017

AMCS has acquired Senddr Software, a Dublin tech group, in a small bolt-on acquisition.

Senddr was founded in 2012 by brothers Morgan and Malcolm Lynch. The company has developed products for electronic invoicing and document processing, including the secure handling of financial transactions.

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Brady Recycling - USA 2018

AMCS acquires Brady Recycling Solutions. The acquisition extends AMCS' portfolio, with products designed specifically for commercial scrap metal recycling operations, like ScrapRunner and CRES. Brady Recycling has an international customer base of more than 100 metal and other recycling companies in North America, Europe and Australasia. The company says it offers a complete suite of transactions management applications designed for any size of commercial recycling operations.

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DesertMicro - USA 2018

DesertMicro has built up an impressive customer base over the last 20 years with solutions like RouteManager, RouteWarrior and Wastebooks. In total, the acquisition will add over 250 customers from across the US and Canada to the existing 1600 global customer list. AMCS’ solution portfolio will be further strengthened by DesertMicro’s suite of cloud software designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry, which includes a highly developed and fully-embedded payment channel.

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Recy Systems – Germany 2019

AMCS Acquires German’s leading recycling and waste management software specialist, Recy Systems. Recy has offices in Germany, the U.S., the U.K. and Slovakia. Their customers include some of the world’s largest and most complex recycling companies. Overall, the acquisition will add another 600 customers from across Europe, in North America, Asia, and Africa, taking AMCS’ total customer base to over 2400 worldwide. Recy’s sector-specific model ensures that its products are designed exclusively for the waste, recycling and material trading industry, covering steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, paper, wood, glass, plastic, textiles and electronics. 

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PieterBas Automatisering - The Netherlands

PieterBas is a successful company with a highly motivated team that has focused on the waste and recycling market since 1988. The customer base of PieterBas is diverse and an excellent addition to the AMCS portfolio. Existing customers will benefit from our investment power, professional global organisation and ambition to provide the best and most innovative industry-specific software platform for organisations in the waste and recycling industry. PieterBas' many years of experience with organisations in small and medium-sized businesses will help AMCS to better align our solution to this segment.

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TRUX Route Management Systems

AMCS’s acquisition of Canadian’s leader in waste management software further strengthens their leading position in the North American market.

Since the establishment of TRUX in 1990, they set the standard for waste software for the Canadian market and gained wide acceptance with leading waste companies throughout North America. Today they are considered one of the leading and respected waste software companies in North America.

In total, the acquisition will result in having 1,000 customers across North America, which now represents over 40% of AMCS’s global business.

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