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11 Dec 2017

3 Reasons to Digitise your Business


3 Reasons to Digitise your Business


The ability to automate process and digitise data has a number of benefits associated with removing the risk of human error and the duplication of tasks.  There are however a number of other opportunities presented by digitalisation that are perhaps less commonly recognised.


1. Safety

This can start before the vehicle has even left the depot with the  system requiring  vehicle checks to be completed before the route can be started.  Once on the road, the system can measure driver performance enabling specific issues to be addressed at a debrief or during training if required.

2. Reputation

Drivers across the world are often the face of the business and the main point of interaction between the service provider and the customer.  As a result, there is a great deal of benefit in ensuring that they represent the business in an appropriate manner and that they act as ambassadors for your brand.  This may include a need to monitor adherence to the speed limit, understanding de-tours that are being taken and checking the correct time is spent taking breaks.

3. Saving trees

The digitisation of route sheets for drivers and the use of handheld or in-cab devices to record service details enables the whole process to become completely paperless.  As well as reducing the opportunity for errors and duplication, automating the process also means that information can be made available to customer services, finance or the customer in real-time.



AMCS has investing significantly in building the best-in-class AMCS Platform, which will bring together our various products and services into a scalable, enterprise-grade solution. This industry specific platform brings together the company’s existing core solution ranges: Enterprise Management software, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Optimization.  We recently extended this suite with the addition of two new core products:

AMCS Analytics is a Microsoft Power BI based Business Intelligence suite, including a large set of standard role based dashboards designed based on AMCS’s many years of experience working with waste and recycling companies across the globe.  It enables waste and recycling companies to extract data from the AMCS platform and third party data sources into an industry specific data cube, and manipulate and visualize this data through a single easy to use and intuitive interface. Whether located on-site or in the cloud, the bespoke and intuitive nature of the system means that it can be used by businesses of all sizes, without the need for in-house teams, custom data cubes or BI expertise.

AMCS’s Digital Engagement solution enables operators to better service customers online and build stronger relationships through social media, digital assistants and connected (IoT) devices. Customers will be able to contact their service provider when, where, and however suits them best. In turn, operators will greatly reduce call centre traffic and benefit from a more streamlined, automated and lower cost communication channel. AMCS Digital Engagement solution also offers out of the box customer e-commerce, supplier web portals and provides secure digital payment channels to offer customers to pay online.

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