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24 Sep 2018

3 Secrets Satisfying Your Customers With Automation

Automating your operations improves satisfaction and loyalty throughout the customer life cycle

There are many benefits to automating your internal processes with digitalization. Here, we are going to explore how you can make customer service a key differentiator for your business by digitizing and automating your customer service operations.

Whether the customer has a complex issue that requires the help of a customer service representative or they simply need a quick answer to a frequently asked question, you can provide high-quality service and support efficiently that will save your customers time and improve your bottom-line.

1. Eliminate sales errors arising from manual processes

Manual processes means a lot of data is spread across disparate systems. These manual processes make it difficult for account management teams to track information and is time-consuming to report and track important information.

We can easily resolve these issues with a central repository to consolidate data, eliminate duplication, automate processes, and visibility into sales operations. Understanding where you’re spending money on an account-by-account basis allows you to better quantify your margins.

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2. Real-time access to customer data

When a customer calls your support line, they expect a quick answer and resolution. Waste management companies that manage operations manually may need to put the customer on hold or promise to call them back while they track down the answers. They may have to call drivers or route operations managers, accounting, etc. to collect the information they need to support the customer.

AMCS can resolve these issues by putting the information customer service representatives need at their fingertips. They can easily pull up account information and get real-time customer information regarding their route schedule, billing, and other information to common questions or issues. The result is a quick resolution to customers’ inquiries, often to the delight of the customer. And, of course, it saves your employees time so they can quickly move to the next caller, reducing wait times for customer support calls overall. Further, if a customer wants to change, it can be updated right away and distributed throughout the organization.

3. Improve customer satisfaction through automated communication

Many haulers struggle with manual communications that can easily be automated. Important updates such as price changes, pickup delays due to holidays, and overdue bills can all be easily automated with email to improve communication and customer satisfaction.

Automating your customer service processes is going to lead to better customer service, faster response times, and better customer satisfaction. Learn more about how AMCS can help you improve your bottom line by automating your customer life cycle to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

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