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Overcoming hurdles in the construction & demolition waste industry

Watch this on demand AMCS webinar on increasing your operational efficiency and delivering sustainability through your business processes with AMCS Platform

Watch this on demand webinar

This AMCS webinar gives you an introduction on how to increase your operational efficiency and deliver sustainability through your business processes with AMCS Platform.

Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) represents the highest single activity for producing waste in the industry. Many of the materials we generate as part of CDW have high resource value, such as metals, glass, wood and concrete.  Yet, too much of these materials are going to waste. Clearly, this is not sustainable. Join us for a discussion on solutions specifically designed for the CDW industry in order to realise maximum value and efficiencies.

Key topics that will be covered in the webinar include: 

  • The challenges of the C&D business 
  • How to improve transparency throughout the CDW process 
  • Improve logistics to make CDW waste management economically attractive, while safeguarding environmental benefits. 

This AMCS webinar will cover how to improve waste logistics. We will show you how smart technologies, with an ERP platform designed specifically for CDW management, can automate and standardise the necessary processes, resulting in significant cost savings while reducing environmental impact. In addition, with Intelligent Optimisation it’s possible to improve waste logistics. This is AMCS’ standard solution for real-time route planning, transportation optimisation and dispatching of distribution and collection routes. It can help optimise your planning, reduce mileage, lower fuel costs and save on CO2 emissions.

The power of one integrated system with AMCS Platform

Last but not least, the webinar will explain the advantages of having routing, vehicle and mobile technologies combined with a best-in-class industry ERP system to enable and optimise proof of service, such as weighing and photo capture. By equipping drivers with tablets, they can get digital schedule updates, have seamless interaction with the back office in real time, and scale houses can operate much more efficiently.

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