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11 Feb 2020

AMCS strengthens relationship with Microsoft on Cloud offering

Limerick, Ireland, February 11 – After a rigorous process including an architecture review, Microsoft has awarded AMCS Platform with an IP Co-Sell Ready status.

The approval validates AMCS’s commitment to providing the leading enterprise-grade SaaS solution for the waste and recycling sector and the company expects their partnership with Microsoft to further accelerate its customers’ migration to the cloud.

Leveraged on Microsoft Azure, AMCS Platform drives automation and provides waste and recycling companies with end-to-end standardisation, complete transparency and optimisation of processes. This intelligent platform’s ability to predict and action improves decision making and helps support the transformation to a circular economy.

This partnership will ensure that AMCS customers futureproof their businesses providing constant access to the latest technology innovations on Microsoft cloud and the ability to integrate with other Microsoft technologies. The ease at which these new technologies can be accessed will significantly accelerate the time-to-market with little or no upfront cost.

“IP Co-Sell Ready status for AMCS Platform gives our customers the reassurance that they’re supported by Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud. AMCS has invested heavily the AMCS Platform’s architecture in order to optimise its ability to leverage the Azure platform. Together with Microsoft’s unmatched global data centre coverage, we can provide an unparalleled, reliable, secure, scalable and always up-to-date platform to all our customers in every corner of the world,” said Mark Abbas, CMO of AMCS.

With more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Azure, AMCS Platform fits seamlessly within those organisations. The Azure cloud provides more security than traditional on-premise solutions, while allowing companies to be more agile and compliant with regulations. By operating on the Azure cloud, AMCS Platform provides significant cost savings by eliminating the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software, running on-site data centres, using electricity 24 hours a day for power and cooling, and the need for IT experts to manage the infrastructure. 

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