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06 Dec 2017

How Software is Helping Waste & Recycling Back Office Operations

A host of tools are available to help waste and recycling companies streamline operations.

by Megan Greenwalt | Waste360 | Nov 08, 2017

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AMCS Group, headquartered in Ireland with offices in the U.S., agrees that the waste industry is complex and quite demanding.

“The biggest challenge we see is the change management process within our customer’s operation,” says Brad Sovich, vice president of product management in North America for AMCS Group. “In order to become more efficient as an organization with the new technology, customers realize they must take the time to ask the right questions, communicate effectively within their own organizations about the changes coming, assign key stakeholders to the project to ensure all departments know what is going to be rolled out, the timeline and how it will affect their function areas.”

The AMCS Platform is an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform offering a full range of functionality including complete accounts receivable, customer service and operations management, collections management, mobile operations management, subcontracting, scale-house operations and route optimization.

From waste collection, waste production and treatment, to recycling, commodity sales and landfill, the company services all markets, for municipal waste collection, commercial collection and hazardous collection—oil, gas and chemicals. The software serves both residential and commercial waste companies.

The scalable platform marries industry specific software with optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies. The AMCS Platform consists of six major solutions: Enterprise Management, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Optimization, Digital Engagement and Analytics.

“We have automated hundreds of back-offices for clients around the world with our single platform approach,” says Sovich. “The single platform scales from medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. It covers the full waste management process. With end-to-end integrated solutions. From input to output. We also manage our customers’ assets and resources, and standardize their processes.”

Sovich says AMCS’s platform stands out because it was built for the waste, recycling and resource industry.

“Our roadmap is dedicated to the industry and is based on our long-standing expertise, best practice business model and customer feedback,” he says. “With our technology, we help our customers profit from the circular economy—where today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources. Our digital technology plays a crucial role in driving this change.”

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