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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Innovations, redefining the ‘Tailored to Waste’ experience with its optimised accuracy and efficiency. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.


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Guided navigation reduces missed bins and associated extra costs
Well experienced drivers sharing their knowledge about waste collecting routes, this is one of the main benefits of guided navigation.
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Optimising master routes leads to 10 to 20% savings in waste collection
Waste collection routes for household and commercial waste can be planned 10 to 20% more efficiently.
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In-cab device mitigates operational risk through real-time data exchange
Constant and up-to-date customer, route and vehicle information available across the organisation through the real-time exchange of data. With this, the AMCS’ in-cab mobile device provides actual route information to mitigate operational risk.
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Pilot project: through guided navigation route information digitally available for Veolia drivers in Germany
The knowledge of experienced drivers on how routes are driven in the most efficient way, is now digitally available for all other colleagues. For Veolia Germany, this is one of the main benefits of guided navigation.
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Customer Portal 2.0 boosts brand equity
The AMCS Customer Portal 2.0 release delivers added value to operators by automating more customer interactions and ensuring a consistent, branded and positive customer experience with each engagement.
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Mobile in-cab device increases drivers’ safety
Mitigate health and safety risks for drivers in the waste and recycling industry. Due to an extensive set of built-in features, AMCS Mobile is delivering exactly that.
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Intelligent Optimisation increases agility of waste collection operations
In this rapidly changing world customers are expecting a 24/7 responsive and user-friendly self-service demanding full operational insight and agility. Companies lacking responsiveness risk a fortune and put stress on their organisation.
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Smart optimisation the basis for emptying Omrin’s underground containers
Omrin firmly believes dynamic scheduling and route optimisation allow dispatchers to organise the emptying of underground containers more quickly while benefitting from a stress-free working environment.
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Zero Waste through Material Management
Setting a goal of Zero Waste must start somewhere. The City of Fort Collins started at 50% and made a compelling business case on taking it further by estimating $6.5M worth of valuable resources thrown away every year in Fort Collins alone (Zero Waste Associates, 2013). As the City of Fort Collins, the first step is identifying a goal and then establish a plan on how to reach that goal.
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Why a Customer Portal needs to be part of your customer engagement strategy
Access to all their information in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a week. By providing 24-hour service to customers through a customer portal waste and recycling companies streamline customer processes increasing customer service, customer engagement and customer satisfaction by up to 33% while delivering a positive and professional brand experience. Potentially, waste and recycling companies can reduce call volumes by up to 30%.
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AMCS strengthens relationship with Microsoft on Cloud offering
The AMCS Group is the first company in the waste and recycling industry to be awarded the Microsoft Azure IP Co-Sell Ready status. With this partnership waste and recycling companies are guaranteed the advantage of the cloud for improving their operational efficiency, business agility, scalability and security of their systems.
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