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Municipal waste

AMCS enables our Municipal customers to extract maximum value from the available budgets by driving efficiency through route optimisation, container asset management and real time visibility of the collection service progress. 

Municipal waste

Serving millions of households across the globe

Municipal/Residential Services & Bookings Portals

Wastedge Residential Services includes state-of-the-art software for household waste and recycling collection, route planning, vehicle technology, bin management and customer service support. Wastedge also provides full support for councils or municipalities that subcontract collections with service level monitoring, dynamic reporting and analytics.

Wastedge enables our Municipal/Residential customers to extract maximum value from their available budgets by driving efficiency through route optimisation, bin asset management and real-time visibility of the collection progress. Wastedge provides real time access to customer and service data to allow incoming queries to be handled on-the-spot. Thereby minimising call-out costs and improving customer service levels.

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