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7 benefits of having a system power user

09 Jul 2018

7 Benefits of Having a System Power User

Assign a system power user at your company

When implementing new software, or just trying to improve the use of a current one, it is best to have a dedicated system power user.  This is the internal, go-to person for all things related to the software. They are trained on all aspects of the system and are the main point of contact between your company and your software provider. 

Below are 7 benefits of having a system power user. 

  1. Speeds up implementation time of the software
  2. Streamlines communication, resulting in faster problem resolution
  3. Trains existing and new employees on the software
  4. Solves internal questions without “clogging” the software support queue
  5. Eliminates redundant issues being logged
  6. Reduces the need to go to support for minor questions
  7. Allows for better customer management with single point of contact 

It is important for your power user to stay on top of their own training to maintain their advanced skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities.  It is recommended at minimum to have them attend training annually, but since software systems are frequently updated with new features and workflows, they may require a higher frequency of self-education.  Making sure the software power user is educated on the software ensures you are getting the most out of your software as these important improvements are implemented and also emphasizes the support/power user relationship.


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