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30 Apr 2019

AMCS Customer Portal | What it means for you and your customers

Your website is not enough to provide an excellent customer experience, says the Harvard Business Review and research by McKinsey. You have to offer more to realise the 33% increase in customer satisfaction and 30% savings in resource costs that McKinsey says is possible with digital customer care.

This is where our secure Customer Portal can help. It’s the next-generation, dedicated hub designed for AMCS Enterprise Management clients. If that’s you, it gives your customers access to the information they want to know about their account in real time, 24/7, 365 days a week.

  • If they want to create an order request it’s there.
  • Process payments and view invoices, there.
  • View and manage invoices, there.
  • Produce customer and compliance reports, there again.

And they can access the AMCS Customer Portal from any device, which is another important point: you need to serve customers how they want to be served.

The advantages for you

Customise it. What features mean the most to your customers? Which features would they not find relevant? Choose your branded portal from a collection of templates or design your own, all to suit your customers’ needs.  Add AMCS Pay so that customers can process payments. Customer Self Service lets them provide their own customer care. According to research by McKinsey, this is a feature that 86% of respondents said they prefer vs. talking to sales/customer representatives.

Help for your customer services team. It’s the feeling of being ignored and undervalued that gets businesses into trouble with customers. The AMCS Customer Portal does away with that. Think of it as adding a new help centre. For starters, if customers can access the information they want, then your call volume is reduced, taking the stress off of your team and enabling them to focus on other business areas. Communications are streamlined. Because those customers can quickly get what they want, their satisfaction increases. Everyone gets what they want.
Stop revenue leakage. This is another advantage of the first two points – reducing call volume. According to McKinsey, giving customers the ability to self-serve realises efficiency gains of up to 30%. With AMCS’ Customer Portal, you can cut service agent interactions while reducing multiple system costs. Revenue leakage is a silent killer. Do everything you can to stop it.
Instant deployment and set up. As the AMCS Customer Portal is already integrated with our Enterprise Management solution, the work is done for you, giving you greater flexibility and functionality. It works out of the box, as the saying goes. You don’t have to do any rigorous testing, because we’ve already done that. It’s also worth noting that you’ll only have one contract, which eases what you manage.
Brand it. Visual consistency is critical across all of your channels, according to the Harvard Business Review. To achieve that, you can brand the AMCS Customer Portal so that customers still feel at home. You can give them a seamless experience between your website and customer portal. Nothing will feel out of place for your customer.

It’s easy to use. Our portal allows you to automate your customer interactions. It’s beautifully designed to provide an outstanding customer experience with rich features that you choose. Logging in and navigating is easy – in fact, it couldn’t be easier.

Gain insights into your customers. This intelligence allows you to implement actions that can enhance your service, realign your strategy so that it’s more relevant to customers, or simply and easily create reports. 

It’s secure. Customer Portal lets customers explore in a completely secure environment. It’s SSL certified and GDPR compliant.

Supports your digitisation. AMCS' Customer Portal takes you one giant leap away from manual processes. This becomes a productivity issue. Manual processes are time consuming; Go digital and never look back. There’s another important element here, and that’s how you engage with customers.

According to the Harvard Business Review, digital initiatives should complement existing customer journeys. In other words, AMCS Customer Portal supports any other digital channels you have. If it’s your first step – excluding your website, that is – then it’s a great first step. But don’t stop. Our customer Portal can move your customers online and once they’re there, it’ll be easy for them to continue to engage with you and vice versa.

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