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Broker & Subcontractor Management

The Digital Engagement platform is a single secure system that manages how you exchange information with outside parties. This includes how you send jobs to subcontractors, receive invoices from suppliers and receive orders from customers. Where before you used manual processes such as phone, email or paper to get these things done, the digital engagement platform will now do it electronically at a much lower cost.

Ideal for subcontractors and other parties, the Partner Engagement module provides a digital and real-time exchange of information with the parties in the supply chain.

Partner Engagement

Throughout the subcontracting lifecycle the platform also works to ensure that your panel of subcontractors are compliant with your standards. Alongside this, tools are also included to assist you in planning your subcontracting activity and ensuring that your customer service levels are being met.


The partner module supports all stages of sourcing subcontractors. This includes initial on-boarding where subcontractors are assisted in registering online to work with you. From there, subcontractors can manage their own company profile and pricing through our subcontractor portal.

Once subcontractors are registered with the platform then you can invite them to bid for new business in our specialist auctioning system. This includes the capability to send jobs to auction from within your ERP solution.


Once jobs have been allocated to a subcontractor, the system automates sending the job data to the subcontractor. This saves you significant effort spent phoning and emailing subcontractors. As subcontractors carry out work for you the system also tracks confirmation data and sends it back into your ERP in real-time.


With digital engagement, when jobs are completed by subcontractors, the resulting invoice can be matched fully with the initial purchase order before it is delivered to your ERP. This greatly reduces problematic invoices that differ from the issued jobs.


Throughout the subcontracting lifecycle, the Partner Engagement module provides a suite of monitoring tools to ensure that subcontractors continue to be compliant with your standards and preform to your customer service levels.

Typical Benefits

Automating how you engage with partners brings many benefits including:

  • Better quality, real-time, information available to you
  • Savings of 20% on subcontractor costs
  • Savings of 60% on job processing costs
  • Savings of 80% on invoice processing costs

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